“I have a dozen different investments throughout the world and MJB Wealth Management ranks among the absolute best. Mike and his team are very knowledgeable in their field, professional, and only look for opportunities that promise good returns. I am in numerous investments with MJB Wealth Management and can’t say enough good things about them.”
Mateo Adelita, Indianapolis, Indiana
“I am a cautious investor with a number of investments in my portfolio. I have participated in numerous investment opportunities offered by Mike and his team at MJB Wealth Management over the past 6 months. The ROI in all cases has been very positive with returns exceeding the initial business plans. Mike’s knowledge and attention to market opportunities and risk management have been instrumental in MJB Wealth Management’s success and good performance over this past year. “
Vicky Huebsch, New Castle, Indiana

“I invest with Michael Blum and MJB Wealth Management for two reasons. They find incredible opportunities that give back a good return to the investor and the trust factor. You can do all the due diligence you want, yet it all comes down to who you are investing with.”

– Edward Miller, Indianapolis, Indiana

“Simple, reliable, scalable, and consistent – that’s what I look for in investments and MJB Wealth Management continues to deliver. Mike and the team do the heavy lifting, generating competitive returns for investors in the form of both cash and peace of mind.”

– Jim Faustina, Frankfurt, Kentucky

“Since my first investment with MJB Wealth Management Inc., Mike has taken the time to meet and explain every detail and question I have had. Over the years, I have invested a significant part of my retirement with others never providing the returns they suggested. Mike has delivered more than I have expected in the short time I have been investing in him. I hope for many more good years.Thank you Mike for being my Investment Partner and becoming my friend.”

– Doug Clark, Bloomington, Indiana

“I am a CPA who has clients who prefer the stock market over real estate. My clients and I have several investments with them. MJB Wealth Management is a reputable syndicator whose deals live up to the revies.  I continue to seek syndicators such as Mike and MJB Wealth Management for my clients to invest with.”

– James Billings, Shelbyville, Indiana